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Welcome to Confident Dental Implants Centre, Stroud!

Hopefully you are visiting this page to find out more about attending to see us at Confident Dental Implants Centre and we welcome you with a great big smile!

We receive many referrals from our dentist colleagues in other dental practices, both local to us in Stroud, the wider county and nationally to see our implant oral surgeon, Dr Colin Neil. If you have your own general dentist who already provides you check-ups, please ask them to formally refer you to us for your implant consultation and treatment as required. If you do not have a dentist at present, no problem, we also see patients directly for implant treatments without referral so please contact us to start with your new patient implant consultation at your earliest convenience.

As a new patient, you want to feel comfortable with your new dentist and with any treatment you may require or that has been recommended to you.

Your first visit with our leading implant oral surgeon may take approximately 1 hour.  You can have as much time as you wish during this visit to talk about previous experiences, your wishes for you ultimate dental outcomes and any products or services we offer that interest you the most.

Following a full mouth check, soft tissue check and any x-rays you may require we will be able to present our findings and treatment possibilities to you.


At the end of your consultation, you’ll have your own personal patient journey plan to take home.  This will give a full breakdown of everything discussed in your consultation and associated costs.  Your are under no obligation to book further appointments until you have digested any information you wish but obviously if you are ready to go ahead, our patient advisor’s will be able to search for the appointments that fit your schedule best.

If you would like to know more about what we do, please give us a call and have a chat on 01453 595144 or we can send  one of our brochures for you to find out more about us.

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