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Our expert oral implant surgeon Dr Colin Neil is experienced and highly qualified in providing oral surgical procedures and surgery treatments. Dr Neil has completed the Membership examination in Surgical Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons, England and is a tutor for the Royal College of Surgeon’s Faculty Oral Surgery Certificate Course.

If you would like sedation for your comfort and relaxation, this can also be provided in our Stroud dental practice.

We accept referrals for oral surgery services from our dentist colleagues in Stroud, Gloucestershire, the wider Cotswolds and across the UK. Please  use this link to our Confident oral surgery combined referral form or contact reception on 01453 764287 to arrange. We always aim to return a delighted patient to their referring dentist upon completion of the referred treatment.

Oral surgery/Surgical Dentistry services available at Confident Dental Care & Implant Centre, Stroud include:

– surgical removal of impacted, buried teeth, retained roots and wisdom teeth

– apicectomy, surgical endodontics

– exposure of unerupted or partially erupted teeth including laser operculectomy

dental implant placement surgery

– bone and sinus grafting, guided bone regeneration around teeth and implants

– closure of oro-antral fistulae

– management of intra-oral trauma including replantation of avulsed teeth

– soft tissue biopsy to remove benign intra-oral lesions e.g. polyps, mucocoele

– laser removal of soft tissue frenae e.g. lingual frenum “tongue-tie” (ankyloglossia).

– gingival surgery, mucosal grafts (palatal connective tissue or Alloderm), surgical crown lengthening and pre-prosthetic surgery

cone beam CT diagnostic and planning services available on site for precise, efficient and safe surgery

sedation services available on site for patient comfort and relaxation during surgery

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