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Not JUST about the appearance – functionality has also been restored

 Before I went to Confident Dental Care & Implants Centre, I visited several dentists & the first words that would leave their mouths was Smile Makeover 1always “you’ve got a very difficult bite or an unusual bite that is difficult to do anything with”.  After searching around, we were recommended Confident Dental Care & Implants Centre and for the first time, somebody looked at my bite (a class 3 bite) and said “you have an interesting bite; we can do something with that!”

I was instantly assured that here is a dentist who knows what to do and can actually give me a bite that works; do all the crown & bridge work and any other dental work I needed doing. I needed a lot of work done but it didn’t matter.  This was not about how much it was going to cost.  This was about having the confidence to know that when the work was finished, I would be able to use my teeth to eat properly.  And the added bonus that they would look great!

Smile Makeover 2The whole dental team also made the difference.  One feels at ease from the moment one walks in.  We had many visits which involved overnight stays as we live in Manchester, but this expense was so worth it because of the finish of the work.  It is not only the fact that now I can eat and speak without problems but I can also smile and don’t have to try and hide my teeth because quite frankly, I was always embarrassed before due to the deterioration of my teeth after years of mediocre dental treatment.


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